As an independent, fee-only Registered Financial Advisor, we guide our clients to financial success and security. 

Apex was founded on the concept of providing independent financial and investment advice that is in the best interest of the client.

What We Do as Financial Advisors

We are a group of professionals who possess decades of excellence and diverse experience in the financial services industry. Our team expends significant energy and attention toward managing your assets in accordance with the values and principles that you embrace. Earning your trust is a vital component in our relationship and is ultimately our most distinguishing attribute.

Excellence in financial planning and wealth management

Trying to find the best financial advisor in Yardley? Apex Financial Advisors offers an extensive range financial planning services for families and businesses in Yardley. As a trusted financial advisory firm, we work with top investment management firms.

We develop customized and complete financial plans; including estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning and more for various clients.

Our team of experienced financial advisors offers you insight and strategies on how you can meet your financial goals for long-term financial stability. We care about your money and time. That is why we strive to provide prompt advisory solutions at competitive rates.

Our Financial Designs

For many people, estate planning is something we know we should do but somehow manage to postpone until some indefinite “tomorrow,” or, once having done a plan, put it away in a file never to be seen again.  Although this may be more common than not, it is certainly not wise, as without a proper estate plan, you leave too much at stake, jeopardizing your family’s well-being.

Our actively managed investment portfolios are designed with diversification in mind. We design investment portfolios to fit the needs of you and your family’s specific financial needs, considering risk tolerance and time horizon.

How much money should I be saving each year?
When should I look to sell my business?
When can I afford to retire?
What will my retirement lifestyle cost?
Should I do Roth conversions prior to my retirement years?
When should I begin taking Social Security benefits?

We hear these and a number of very similar questions on a regular basis.

Whether you’re a business owner with a sizable portion of your net worth invested in your business or you’re a corporate executive with deferred compensation, stock options and a profit sharing plan to try to make sense of it all.

Through our intense review of your income, assets and liabilities, we develop both income and estate tax projections and then recommend the  utilization of various strategies and tax deductions to reduce your tax liability. The result is more wealth for you to transfer to heirs.

Our Solutions

Apex Financial Advisors goes to great lengths to understand the financial needs of you and your family. We provide an array of services that are geared to preserving and building your wealth in any financial climate.

Apex understands the unique needs of executives and is equipped to provide customized executive investment solutions. Our advisors are versed in this highly complex field and seek to develop investment strategies that maximize stock and options plans and anticipate potential career moves, including retirement. We work personally with you to realize your goals and to ensure your long-term success.

Apex understands the hands-on approach of successful and ambitious entrepreneurs. We also understand that a good percentage of privately-held business owners’ net worth is tied up in their company, therefore the role of professional advisor is that much more essential to businesses at every level.

Upon the passing of a beloved spouse, widows often find it difficult to focus on financial matters as they adjust to many changes. Just when clarity and skills are needed to organize information and make important decisions, the stress of change can actually decrease coping and cognitive abilities. Mental health professionals consider this a normal response to change. It is vitally important that emotions not be the major driver of decisions that will have significant impacts for years to come.

Attorney Referrals
Asset and Business Valuations
The Effects of Income Taxes on property division and deferred investments
Present Value Evaluation of Future Benefits such as Pensions
Expert Testimony
Forensic Accounting
Evaluation of your Lifestyle after Divorce

Providing philanthropic advice to both foundations and donors, Apex helps structure gifts that both maximize donations and protect intergenerational wealth from gift and estate taxes.

There are several types of charitable gifting strategies that can help to benefit your foundation with both steady income and lump sum donations. The benefits for the donors are two-fold in that the donor is able to witness the good work of your foundation during his/her lifetime and estate tax liability is reduced or eliminated as assets are eventually transferred to heirs.