Solutions we offer:


  • Mediation
  • Attorney Referrals
  • Asset and Business Valuations
  • The Effects of Income Taxes on property division and deferred investments
  • Present Value Evaluation of Future Benefits such as Pensions
  • Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Evaluation of your Lifestyle after Divorce

Apex Financial Advisors develops a strategic plan for financial security before, during, and after divorce.

Why do women in a divorce come to Apex? We believe that all too often the deck is stacked in favor of the husband during divorce negotiations, especially in a financially complicated divorce.

Marital property may include numerous financial assets such as retirement plans, stock options, restricted stock, real estate, intellectual property, brokerage accounts, and closely held businesses or professional practices. With a complex arrangement of assets, the advantages or disadvantages of various settlement will be difficult to decipher.

Apex provides you a highly personalized analysis so that you may make intelligent and thoughtful decisions and our process complements your divorce attorney,

Our process is comprehensive. Apex conducts an exhaustive asset and income review process, looking for hidden income sources and assets. Based on our findings, we provide financial and net worth statements as well as a detailed lifestyle analysis.

Dividing assets in a divorce

If you are filing for divorce, disagreements in the division of your assets are bound to arise. Apex Financial Advisors offers you a wide range of solutions to give you the divorce help you need, offering trusted financial advice, and navigating you through the process. Contact us for a customized financial plan!

Your financial statement of net worth:

We create personalized reports that illustrate your financial status, cash flow, and net worth, now and many years into the future, including a statement of net worth that may be required by your divorce attorney and the court.

Financial projections for each divorce settlement option:

Your need for alimony and the amount and duration of those payments will be reviewed. If you will be the recipient of alimony, the alternative of an upfront lump sum payment in lieu of ongoing alimony payments will need review.

During the turmoil of a divorce, it’s hard to maintain a firm footing, much less consider methods to proactively protect yourself during and after the divorce.

We advise our clients to take such easily overlooked steps, from opening a post office box that will allow you to receive important financial and legal mail in a secure box only you can access. Other items to consider are changing your will, trusts, healthcare directives, and retirement plan beneficiaries.

Once a divorce is complete, our focus turns to developing and working toward your personal objectives. Using our many years of experience and specialized training, we assist with the following items among others:

As Apex teams with your divorce attorney, each party maximizes his or her core expertise for your benefit: your divorce attorney uses his or her significant skill to bolster your legal case, while we apply our specialized expertise to improve your financial outcome.

For a woman with significant or complicated assets, hiring Apex to assist before, during, and after a divorce can make a life-changing difference in terms of her financial well-being.