Apex understands the unique needs of executives and is equipped to provide customized executive investment solutions. Our advisors are versed in this highly complex field and seek to develop investment strategies that maximize stock and options plans and anticipate potential career moves, including retirement. We work personally with you to realize your goals and to ensure your long-term success.

Financial Planning at Apex is all-encompassing. We take a holistic approach in planning, taking into account all of your assets including Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Bonus Structure and Deferred Compensation.

Our planning allows you to diversify your holdings and exercise appropriate amounts of options while you are employed and upon your retirement.

We will assist you and work with Corporate Counsel to manage and legally sell your controlled or restricted securities.

It is not rare for an executive at a company to be made aware of non-public information, and consequently be at risk of insider trading allegations. Apex can serve as a third party to help create and execute your predetermined systematic trading plan, therefore offering protection from an “affirmative defense” against such allegations.

Whatever your form of deferred compensation Apex will take into consideration your personal finances and family situation in order to create a plan which is tailored to your individual retirement and tax circumstances.

Managing your qualified monies can be time consuming and burdensome. We manage plan assets as part of our ongoing services.